South Country Co-op wins Retailer of the Year!
March 4, 2019

South Country Co-op wins Retailer of the Year. An award sponsored by Bayer CropScience Inc. 

The Retailer of the Year award was established in 2008 and recognizes one CAAR member that went above and beyond to serve its customers.

South Country Co-op operates ag retail sites at 10 of its locations throughout southern Alberta. Each site is unique in its offering but alike in their belief that their customer comes first. South Country Co-op was named CAAR’s Retailer of the Year for their excellence in customer service and satisfaction, business innovation, effective employee relations, safety and environmental stewardship and community and industry support.

South Country Co-op prides itself, among many achievements, on exceeding legislative requirements in regard to training, safety equipment and supplies, and for their investment in their staff and high staff retention. South Country’s staff are more than numbers on a spreadsheet. Employees are supported and encouraged to take ownership of the company brand and make choices that are best for the client and their fellow staff members. South Country Co-op is also active in the communities it serves, supporting numerous sports teams, ag shows, rodeos and many more community initiatives.

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