South Country Co-op Donates $10,000 to NICU
December 13, 2017

South Country Co-op has a book exchange program inside their 13th Avenue Mall in Medicine Hat which is entirely funded by donated and exchanged books. If you see a book you'd like to read, a minimum donation of 50 cents is suggested and you can take the book. Often people read and return the book for someone else to then take home and read. Each year the money collected from the Book Exchange program is donated to the pediatrics ward at the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital. This year, with the expansion at the hospital almost complete South Country Co-op was presented with an exciting opportunity. The NICU Transition to Home Rooms are a very unique service offered by the hospital. Returning home with a new born who has been in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit for a period of time can be very scary. The Transition to Home room helps families with this event. The rooms are equipped with a queen size bed, private bathroom, small kitchen and living room This allows parents to both stay with baby at the hospital and care for the baby alone, with the support of medical professionals right down the hall should they need it. It is a smoother and safer way for parents to transition to home with their new born.

South Country Co-op is very proud to be able to sponsor two of these rooms in an effort to improve the quality of lives of those it touches.

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