Reusable bag program success
February 4, 2022

Despite another challenging year, South Country Co-op is proud to announce that thanks to our guests bringing their reusable bags while shopping with us, we've raised $7,194.81 for local charities and organizations! 

In 2021, we raised money for the Vauxhall Public Library, the Taber & District Health Foundation, and the Ronald McDonald House in Medicine Hat. 

L to R: South Country Co-op Board Member Bill Ressler, Victoria Koersen from the Taber & District Health Foundation, and South Country Co-op's Taber Food Centre Manager Rod Yokoyama.

L to R: South Country Co-op CEO Paul Haynes, South Country Co-op Board Vice-Chair Sue Edwards, and Cassi Hider from the Medicine Hat Ronald McDonald House.

In early 2020, we began charging 5¢ per plastic bag. As a way to further encourage our guests to bring their own reusable bags, we also committed to donating 3¢ per reusable bag used in a transaction to local organizations and charities. Thanks to your efforts, we've kept over 239,000 plastic bags out of our landfills this year!

Remember your reusable bags, and help us keep plastics out of the landfills!

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