Left to right: Evelyn, South Country Co-op Director of Human Resources Sherilynn, & Layton
Recognition of excellent guest service
February 18, 2021

On Thursday, February 11, 2021, Heather Smith-Schenkey, Health, Safety and Environment Manager, was alerted to a situation at our Redcliff Gas Bar.

Around noon, an elderly gentleman stopped for gas and the Redcliff Gas Bar supervisor, Evelyn, noticed he was having difficulties and went to help him. Upon speaking with him, and noticing he was visibly shivering and confused, Evelyn finished fueling his vehicle for him and invited him into the gas bar to warm up.

After further conversation, it was discovered the gentleman was traveling across the country to meet with his son, but couldn’t turn his heater on and was driving with air conditioning in -40C temperatures.

Our Team was concerned he could be experiencing hypothermia and offered him food and a warm beverage at no charge to slowly bring his body temperature back up. Our Team called the non-emergency RCMP number and explained the situation; an officer escorted the gentleman to the hospital to be checked out and was able to contact his family. His vehicle was locked and we assured the officer it could stay onsite until it could be retrieved.

The officer contacted us with an update on the gentleman’s condition later in the day and congratulated the actions of our Redcliff Gas Bar Team (Evelyn, Tammy, and Layton) for their excellent care, concern, and support in this situation that could have had a very different outcome if not for their attention. This all occurred while regular guests were served without missing a beat.

THANK YOU to each Team Member involved and for your quick thinking. A simple conversation turned a potentially bad situation around for a total stranger, and possibly helped save his life. This is exactly why We Are Co-op.

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