Celebrating our team
December 5, 2022

Congratulations to all the South Country Co-op team members that have met career milestones this year. To recognize their accomplishments and celebrate their dedication, South Country Co-op held a red carpet event on November 18th, 2022.

This year, over 60 team members were acknowledged for their commitment to South Country Co-op and their contribution to our success with awards ranging from 5 to 45 years-of-service. South Country Co-op would like to honor the efforts and commitment of their team members and acknowledge these special milestones. 

5 Year Service Awards

  • Courtney Blouin, 13th Ave Pharmacy
  • Evelyn Brown, Redcliff Gas Bar
  • Levi Champion, Chinook Liquor
  • Lana Chartrand, 13th Ave Pharmacy
  • Chris Danderfer, Broxburn Agro
  • Kyle De Groot, Westgate Gas Bar
  • Larry Dietrich, Lomond Agro
  • Penelope Dumelie, Northlands Food Centre
  • Mylo Forsyth, Lomond Auto
  • Irene Fournier, Taber Food Centre
  • Ian Gillespie, Taber Food Centre
  • Andrea Hutchinson, Lomond Agro
  • Clinton Johnson, Redcliff Gas Bar
  • Tamara Jones, Taber Food Centre
  • Donald Kipta, Northlands Liquor
  • Laurette Koble, Northlands Pharmacy
  • Branden Lant, 13th Ave Gas Bar
  • Nola Larsen, Northlands Food Centre
  • Krysten Liggett, Northlands Pharmacy
  • Trevor Lightbown, Claresholm Agro
  • Jennifer Messenger, Strachan Liquor
  • Michelle Munsch, Dunmore Liquor
  • Tracey Murray, Brooks Agro
  • Eva Neufeld, Taber Food Centre
  • Erinn O'Brien, Corporate Office
  • Jennifer Pasicka, Northlands Food Centre
  • Shane Price, Brooks Petroleum
  • Frank Redecop, Vauxhall Agro
  • Curtis Russell, 13th Ave Pharmacy
  • Katherine Smithson, 13th Ave Food Centre
  • Christopher Swile, Northlands Food Centre
  • Morgan Tory, Cypress Agro
  • Tyesha Tschritter, 13th Ave Food Centre
  • Anabel Wurz, Taber West Gas Bar


Anabel Wurz with Gas Bar Division Manager Brad Klassen.

Nola Larsen with Northlands Deli Manager Vanise Will.

10 Year Service Awards

  • Michelle Haggart, Strachan Liquor
  • Ann Harder, Taber West Gas Bar
  • Rhonda Howell, Northlands Gas Bar
  • Jacqueline Kress, Vauxhall Agro
  • Tayler Malm, Taber Pharmacy
  • Catrin Roessler, 13th Ave Food
  • Dean Shropshire, Corporate Office
  • Lori Valgardson, Taber Food Centre
  • Steve Vander Meer, Barons Agro
  • Carla Wagenaar, Northlands Gas Bar
  • Steven Waters, Cypress Ago

Rhonda Howell with Northlands Gas Bar Manager Andrea Bond

15 Year Service Awards

  • Lena Furgala, Northlands Food Centre
  • Janice Glauser, Maple Ave Gas Bar
  • Carin Jensen, Taber Pharmacy

20 Year Service Awards

  • Kimberly Hahn, 13th Ave Food Centre
  • Shauna Jesse, Northlands Food Centre
  • Darlene Shaw, Taber Food Centre
  • Kathy Sutherland, Northlands Gas Bar

Kimberly Hahn with Food Division Manager Darren Andres

25 Year Service Awards

  • Kristy Bergdahl, Northlands Food Centre
  • Teri Davies, Maple Ave Gas Bar
  • Angela Prysiazny, Cypress Agro

Teri Davies with Gas Bar Division Manager Brad Klassen

30 Year Service Awards

  • Eric Wittrock, Northlands Food Centre

35 Year Service Awards

  • Debbie Styre, 13th Ave Food Centre

Debbie Styre with Food Division Manager Darren Andres.

40 Year Service Awards

  • Elaine Hammel, Corporate Office

Elaine Hammel with VP of HR Sherilynn BeBeau

45 Year Service Awards

  • Penny Schafer, Taber Food Centre

Penny Schafer with Taber Food Centre Manager Rod Yokoyama

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate their time with South Country Co-op and have fun! We hope you enjoyed the red carpet experience!

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