New Bassano Cardlock now OPEN!
December 8, 2023

South Country Co-op is excited to announce that our NEW Bassano cardlock is open for business! This location replaces the old Bassano cardlock with improved amenities. It offers clear and dyed diesel and gas, as well as DEF, and a washroom.

The Bassano cardlock is also the first within the Cooperative Retailing System (CRS) to have a solar canopy to help reduce our carbon footprint. We're proud of this accomplishment and hope it's the first of many!

This location also accepts Visa and Mastercard as payment, along with our Dunmore cardlock. This is a new feature to these two cardlocks only currently. If you'd like to open a cardlock account, please phone 403-362-2885. 

The first personal vehicle through the cardlock, Mr. Bassano, pictured with South Country Co-op Team Members.

The first diesel fill at the new Bassano cardlock, Rice Bros.

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