Fuel your fleet
September 1, 2021

Take Co-op on the road this year! With a Co-op Fleet Card, your team can fuel up at more than 500 CO-OP® Gas Bars and TEMPO® service stations across Western Canada.

Simplify your accounting system, taxes and budget planning by charging all your driving expenses to one convenient card. You’ll receive the option of a detailed weekly, bi-weekly or monthly invoice based on your team’s requirements.

Customized Experience

Customize the number of cards connected to an account based on your fleet size. Co-op can adapt cards to restrict fuel purchases by time, day or province based on the needs of your team.

Secure Fuelling

Co-op Fleet Cards cannot be used to purchase confectionery items, tobacco, gift cards and lottery tickets. Daily reports are available upon request to monitor card activity. In the case of theft or loss, Co-op Fleet Cards can be cancelled immediately.

Fleet Card vs. Cardlock Card

While fleet cards allow you to fill up at Co-op Gas Bars and Tempo Service Stations, you can also apply for a CO-OP® Cardlock Card, which provides 24-7 access to more than 350 locations across Western Canada. Both cards can be set up on your Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) Commercial Account.

High-Quality Fuel Products

The Co-op Refinery Complex in Regina, Sask., has been supplying Co-op Gas Bars and their customers since 1935. Today, all grades of gasoline are TOP TIER™ certified – a premium standard recognizing fuels that protect engines, improve performance, optimize fuel economy and reduce emissions. At select locations, TOP TIER™ certified Co-op Premium Diesel is available.

Apply today for a commercial account!

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