Keep your vehicle sparkling clean
January 22, 2020

Keeping your vehicle clean can be for more than just appearances. Having a clean car can improve visibility as well as keep your car running longer. No matter the season South Country Co-op has you covered with quick, easy and convenient Touchless Car Washes. Save $2.00 off your wash with a min.30L fill.  You can find a touchless car wash at our Northlands, Strachan Road and Maple Avenue locations in Medicine Hat. Taber East location in Taber. Brooks. Chinook and Westgate locations in Lethbridge. 

Regular Wash  $9.99

Our Regular Wash includes:
• Seasonal bug prep
• Undercarriage high-pressure rinse
• High-pressure side blasters
• 2-step hot soap bath
• Soft water rinse
• Clear coat protectant and spot-free rinse
• An end-of-cycle dryer so your car is ready to hit the road drip-free

Premium Wash  $10.99
The Premium Wash includes Regular Wash features plus:
• Extended high-pressure underbody rinse and side blasters
• Rust inhibitor to better protect your vehicle
• Tire and wheel cleaner
• TURTLE WAX® Triple Shine polishing wax

Extreme Wash  $12.99 

Co-op's Extreme Wash, complete with these features:
• All of the Premium Wash features
• Turtle Wax Pro ICE® Instant Shine that bonds and seals the vehicle's surface to provide the ultimate protection and an extreme shine

Platinum Wash $15.99

  • Co-op's Platinum wash includes all of the Premium Wash Features plus:
  • Double Hot Soap Bath
  • Double High Pressure Rinse
  • Extended Under Carriage and Side Wash
  • Rust Inhibitor
  • Tire and Wheel Cleaner
  • Seasonal Bug Prep
  • TURTLE WAX® Triple Shine polishing wax

For more information on our Touchless Car Wash, Click Here

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