June 17, 2022

Road trips are an everyday part of life for Co-op Equip Team members, our team of dedicated on-farm equipment experts who provide the proven solutions, emerging technologies and industry-leading supports that make your job easier.

This team of specialists work closely with producers to select and provide the most effective grain storage and handling systems tailored to each farm. Each day is often as different as the farm they are visiting and the equipment they are working with – a preliminary consultation one day, an auger delivery the next and a follow-up visit the day after that with a farm that just wrapped up a significant expansion to their bin yard.

Tried, Tested, and True to Your Farm

While growers often have the same goals – to expand storage while improving on-farm efficiency – the solutions that get them there vary, which is why consultations are important.

How many acres are being farmed today? How many will be farmed in five years? How will that grain be stored, moved, conditioned, and monitored?

All these factors – and more – will determine the equipment and the layout that is right for the farm. Before committing to a plan, your local Equip Team member will ensure every detail is examined, including truck-turning radiuses, power availability, lighting, security, safety, and room for future expansion.

The needs of each farm are unique. Talk to your local South Country Co-op Team Member, or see, about how to enhance your grain handling system based on seeded acres, existing storage capacity and current handling options, as well as their goals for the future.

Division Team

Mike Mueller — Vice President, Agriculture

Anita Stephens — Logistics Manager

Chris Danderfer — Agro Division Manager

Jack Payne — Agronomy Solutions Manager

Barons — (403) 757-2054

Corey Pearse, Bruce Aldridge

Brooks — (403) 362-2885

Broxburn — (403) 394-2476

Madison Ash, Denver Wilde

Claresholm — (403) 625-4088

Cory Hawke

Cypress — (403) 528-6609

Julia Bodin, Stacy Scheuerman

Foremost — (403) 867-3200

Tracy Niggli

High River — (403) 652-4143

Erin Lepp, Nicole Bokvist

Lomond — (403) 792-3757

Oyen — (403) 664-3633

Keith Mehl

Vauxhall — (403) 654-2137

Trisha Habraken

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