July 14, 2021

At South Country Co-op, we believe in building long-term relationships with local farmers because we understand your connection to the land and the communities that you serve. With our deep farming roots, Co-op recognizes the importance of partnering with farmers who value land stewardship, and also the wide range of challenges you face each day.

It's our purpose to provide our ag customers and guests with a Team of innovative experts who work together to help you overcome whatever issues or problems you may experience, while maximizing crop production. Your local Co-op can deliver personalized, small-town service while being part of a larger network for easy access to additional training and support. 

South Country Co-op is also proud to provide customers with sustainable, farm-fresh produce from YOUR efforts at our food centres. We help you create top-quality products so we can put them on to western Canadian tables. By supporting local farms, we give our communities access to safe, nutritious produce throughout the growing season. To learn more about how Co-op can support your farming operations, contact your local Grow Team member.

Division Team 

Mike Mueller — Vice President, Agriculture

Anita Stephens — Logistics Manager

Chris Danderfer — Agro Division Manager

Jack Payne — Agronomy Solutions Manager

Barons  (403) 757-2054

Corey Pearse, Bruce Aldridge 

Brooks — (403) 362-2885

Broxburn — (403) 394-2476

Madison Ash, Denver Wilde

Claresholm  — (403) 625-4088

Cory Hawk

Cypress — (403) 528-6609

Julia Bodin,  Stacy Scheuerman

Foremost — (403) 867-3200

Tracy Niggli

High River — (403) 652-4143

Erin Lepp, Nicole Bokvist

Lomond — (403) 792-3757

Oyen — (403) 664-3633

Keith Mehl

Vauxhall — (403) 654-2137

Trisha Habraken

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