March 4, 2020

Gift Card Fundraiser Program 

The purpose of this program is to assist in raising funds for youth group activities (under the age of 18)

The following is an outline of the rules of this fundraiser program for minor sports and youth programs using the sale of Co-op gift cards:

This program must:

  • Have a start and end date.
  • Cannot run for more than 6 months, once per year.
  • Be for a specific project that applies to children under the age of 18 years.
  • Have one contact name and phone number. This person will become the only individual allowed to order and pay for cards for the group.
  • Request for cards to be kept at once or twice per month.
  • Ensure order is complete prior to sending it in. Requests received for additional cards to be added to the original order may or may not be processed with the original order.
  • A written request/application from the team leader with phone number, Co-op number, and reason of fundraiser (used towards travel/equipment/etc.) must be submitted and approved.
  • Application must indicate the start and end date of the program.
  • Must sell a minimum of $5000.00 total gift cards to participate
  • Gift cards can only be used for food, pharmacy and gas (gas bar pumps) and are to be used for purchases at South Country Co-op locations only. (See list of locations below.)
  • Gift cards cannot be used to purchase liquor, agro products, tobacco, lottery tickets, other vendor gift cards and of course are never allowed as a source of payment on an account.
  • Gift cards are meant to be sold to individuals and families and therefore cannot be used to purchase goods for businesses (eg. Fuel for a company vehicle, etc.)

Orders and payments of gift cards are to be made by one leader of the team/committee/group, with a minimum of $500.00 worth of cards must be ordered at once (can be different denominations). One leader gathers and submits mass orders on behalf of the group and distributes the cards within their group. The total discount will be paid at the end of the program and made payable to the organization (minor sport team, children’s program, parent’s Association, etc.). A written request stating who to make the cheque out to, where the cheque is to be mailed and the total dollar amount of all cards the club purchases over the 6 months is required. PERSONAL CHEQUES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED Discount is 10% if bought by cash/cheque/debit card and 8% if bought by credit card. *PLEASE NOTE: All credit and debit cards are welcome, but only cheques from the bank account of the participating organization will be accepted as payment.

The CEO of South Country Co-op Limited must approve fundraiser program before the program can commence. We reserve the right to cancel the program at any time if it is abused or used for the wrong purpose. CARDS PURCHASED ARE NON-RETURNABLE and cannot be traded for cards of a different denomination, eg. Ask that a card for $100 be deactivated to receive 2 cards for $50 each after the fact.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact our Admin Office at 403-528- 6600 or the Executive Assistant at 403-580-5178.


Administration 969 16 ST SW Medicine Hat, AB T1A 4X5 Office phone # 403-528-6600 Executive Assistant’s phone # 403-580-5178

Co-op Food Stores & Pharmacy

  • 100 - 3030 13th Avenue SE Co-op Mall
  • 10 Northlands Way NE in Crescent Heights
  • Taber Food Store 46th Ave in Taber
  • Vauxhall Food Store 333 2nd Ave N in Vauxhall.

Co-op Gas Centres/Car Wash

  • 3030 13th Avenue SE
  • 540 Maple Avenue SE
  • 6 Northlands Way NE
  • Dunmore, AB
  • Highway #41 and #9 Oyen, AB
  • 4930 46th Avenue Taber, AB
  • 6400 46th Avenue Taber, AB
  • 15 Mitchell St, Unit 3; Redcliff, AB
  • Vauxhall Gas Bar, 205 1st Ave N Vauxhall, AB
  • Brooks Gas Bar, 5 – 731 Alberta St W Brooks, AB
  • Chinook Gas Bar – 20 4140 4th Ave S Lethbridge, AB
  • Westgate Gas Bar – 20 330 University Dr W Lethbridge, AB

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We wish you much success with your fundraising and look forward to working with you on this project. Thank you.

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