South Country Co-op Hosts Drought Conference
November 14, 2019

2019 marks the third year of drought for many farmers in southern Alberta. For some, this causes stress, anxiety and raises many questions about continuing in their chosen profession.

Brandon Angle, a Grow Team Advisor with South Country Co-op, saw an opportunity to help.

“We had a lot of young farmers reaching out to us, unsure of what they should do,” said Brandon. “So, we decided to organize a conference to help farmers through it.”

The free conference, titled “After the drought: Rallying our community together,” brought nearly 200 farmers to Medicine Hat, AB, on October 30, 2019, for a day of positivity, education and encouragement.

The agenda included speakers from South Country Co-op, FCL and the wider Ag industry on topics such as:

Managing crop nutrition after a drought
What to grow next
Credit management strategies
Strategies for staying upbeat in difficult times
Another highlight was a Grower Panel featuring farmers who had survived past droughts. “We wanted to show the young farmers that this has happened before,” said Brandon, “and having older famers share their experiences is a great way to do that. It shows there’s a way through it.”

Brandon reminds us that making a difference in members’ lives doesn’t just mean helping out when times are good and sales are high. It means being there for our customers at all times, and knowing how to respond when help is needed.

Thanks to all the team members who came together to show how Co-op cares about community and goes above and beyond to make a difference!

Story courtesy of Eric Thiessen and the team at FCL