1st Annual Communities in Mind campaign
February 12, 2024

Building Stronger Communities Through the Communities in Mind Campaign

South Country Co-op has joined in a partnership with the Alberta Mental Health Foundation and other Alberta Co-ops to bring the Communities in Mind campaign to our area. This collaborative effort fits with our values and will contribute to the well-being of our communities.

Partnering Alberta Co-operatives:

  • Central Alberta Co-op
  • Cornerstone Co-op
  • New Horizon Co-op
  • Westview Co-op
  • Wildrose Co-op

Our Vision: Building Sustainable Communities Together

South Country Co-op's Vision Statement is Building Sustainable Communities Together, which drives us to look for ways to assist our communities to grow strong and healthy. The Alberta Mental Health Foundation and initiatives connected to it are a huge part of that effort and we're excited to be part of their support.

The Communities in Mind Campaign

This campaign is designed to raise funds for mental health programs and initiatives within our local communities.

The Co-op Communities in Mind campaign has already made a significant impact across Alberta. Through the generous contributions of community members at other Co-ops, they've been able to support services, develop new programs, and reach out to individuals struggling with mental health and addiction issues.

The success of the Communities in Mind campaign lies in the collective effort of community members. Every contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference. We invite you to join us in supporting the incredible work being done. Together, we can make a lasting impact on these important initiatives in our communities.

Making a Difference

Since the campaign's inception in 2020, over $131,000 has been raised for mental health and addiction resources across Alberta. This incredible milestone reflects the compassion and generosity of community members who understand the importance of mental health support.

You can find information about fund allocations on the website and, once we launch our campaign, you'll see the initiatives we've supported there. In partnership with local Alberta Co-ops, the Mental Health Foundation has directed funding to support services, develop new programs, and reach out to more individuals facing mental health and addiction challenges.

Let's continue this journey together because mental health matters, and together, we can make a difference.

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