October 26, 2020

A co-op is not a building – it’s not a food store or a gas bar. A co-op is a group of people working together to help their neighbours and build their community.

During Co-op Week 2020, we’re celebrating co-operatives across Canada and what it means to be co-operative. And we are celebrating our Co-op with the launch of a new campaign (We Are Co-op) and a new website (Co-op.crs) to talk about who we are.

It’s difficult to define who we are though. We are many things and we are different things, depending where you are. But we are a business owned by the community, and we exist to give back to the community.

Co-op is about all of us – members, customers, employees and communities all working together. We are here to support one another. That’s why we work hard to provide the products and services to help you prepare meals to feed your family, friends and community.

It’s what we’ve been doing for about 100 years – and even longer in some communities – and it’s what we are building for the next generation. Your Co-op is for everyone.

We are butchers.
We are bakers.
We Are Co-op.

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